About Pets on Rainbow Bridge

The most difficult experience a pet owner goes through is probably on losing a pet. We consider our pets part of our family. When they go missing, or pass on, coping with the loss is one of the hardest challenge we need to go through.

Unfortunately, not everyone will understand the pain of losing a pet. It’s not the same as losing a fellow human — in pet loss, not everyone around us can empathize. Not everyone knows the inexplicable bond between human and pet; and that loss of a pet can be equally (if not sometimes more) devastating.

Pets on Rainbow Bridge aims to help Filipino pet owners who are getting over the loss of their pets. Hopefully, having a venue for building a localized community will make it easier for bereaved pet owners express their support or grief which could help them in recovery.

In this community, we help each other through the most difficult experience every pet owner goes through. With our Articles, Chatroom, Pet Memorials and other sections of this site, we hope to help bereaved pet owners find closure in their grief but at the same time, remember all those lovable animals who have made our lives richer and even more meaningful during their lifetimes.

Our site was inspired by a poem on “Rainbow Bridge” written between 1980 to 1992 of an unknown author about a mythical place in heaven where pets who have passed on go to and wait for their owners.