How you can help

Pets on Rainbow Bridge is a very new project. We’ll definitely be needing help in a lot of areas! If interested, please send an email to petsonrainbowbridge(at)

Write for Pets on Rainbow Bridge
We welcome contributors interested to share their experiences based on our topic categories. You will also have your own “contributor” page on the site. To be frank, this will purely be volunteer “gratis” work. You will be rewarded in karma and the great feeling of knowing that your stories have touched the lives and the hearts of many people :)

Submit your Poem, Prose, Art or Illustration
We would love to be able to publish the poem, prose, art or illustration you made in memory of your deceased pet. These will serve as inspiration to recently bereaved pet owners, or simply “food for the soul” for our site visitors.

Help us get advertisers
If you know somebody or a company who might be interested to advertise on our site, we’d really appreciate it if you can refer them to Pets on Rainbow Bridge :)

Since the site is new, we can still make use of free services. In the future, we will eventually need the funding for our technical needs and offline events. For now though, our initial goal is to be able to create awareness about the site so those who are in need of grief support will be able to get it.

Assist us in spreading the word
We would very much appreciate it if you would help spread the word about Pets on Rainbow Bridge through your blog, social networks, online groups, or forums.