“Kaiser” by Puja Madiath
Posted on Fri July 2012 by Gail Villanueva

A beautiful sketch by artist and CARA Welfare Philippines member, Puja Madiath “Kaiser was not a rescue dog but was a loving member of a family I know for many years. They were so heartbroken. When you talk to people who have had dogs in their family who have passed, the most heartbreaking thing for […]

My four-legged angel Sheero
Posted on Thu January 2012 by Gail Villanueva

I was really heartbroken when Sheero passed away. That was the first time I was ever really close to a particular pet — we had a lot of dogs, but no one was really very close to me until Sheero. She was smart, and gave me “presents” of small animals she caught during my birthday […]

Hero dog in Typhoon Sendong
Posted on Sat December 2011 by Gail Villanueva

Every time a calamity strikes, a lot of lives are lost. But it is also a time where even the most unlikely people rise to the occasion and become heroes. Even rarer is when the hero is a dog. Loloy and Jackie were one of the lucky dogs who were hailed as heroes and survived […]

Do they really understand your pain?
Posted on Sat December 2011 by Gail Villanueva

That is one of the questions we can’t help but ask when we lose our pets. Do the people around me really, truly understand my pain? You receive words of condolences, but do you really feel the meaning of “my condolences to you and your family?” When I lost my favorite dog Sheero, that was […]

Call for contributors!
Posted on Fri December 2011 by Gail Villanueva

Pets on Rainbow Bridge is up! However, we are in desperate need of the following: Regular Contributors Task: Writing articles for Pets on Rainbow Bridge based on our topic categories. You may also share your personal stories of grief and recovery in losing your beloved pet. No required number of posts, you just need to […]

Help find his owner!
Posted on Fri December 2011 by Gail Villanueva

This dog had been found and rescued after Sendong unleashed its fury in Cagayan De Oro. For more photos of rescued animals in Cagayan De Oro after Sendong, please visit CDO Sendong Pets on Facebook.

Help find Tanya
Posted on Tue December 2011 by Gail Villanueva