Call for contributors! Written by: Gail Villanueva

Pets on Rainbow Bridge is up! However, we are in desperate need of the following:

  • Regular Contributors
    Task: Writing articles for Pets on Rainbow Bridge based on our topic categories. You may also share your personal stories of grief and recovery in losing your beloved pet. No required number of posts, you just need to be willing to post on the site every now and then. Must have a good command of English or Filipino. No “jeje-speak” please :)
  • Poems, Prose, Art and Illustrations
    Do you have poems, prose, art or illustrations made in memory of your deceased pet? We’d love to publish them on the site to serve as inspiration to our recently bereaved pet owners.

Please contact us through petsonrainbowbridge(at) if you’re interested! You may also visit this page to see how else you can help.

About the Author Gail Villanueva

Gail is the author and site admin of Pets on Rainbow Bridge. She is a web designer by profession, but on the side, she's a blogger and a personal dog-walker of four Shih Tzus and two Aspins. The family's green turtle occasionally demands for her attention. Having grown up in an artistic and pet-loving family, Gail's advocacy is to encourage responsible pet ownership and animal welfare through online means.

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