Featured Tributes

“Kaiser” by Puja Madiath
Posted on Fri July 2012 by Gail Villanueva

A beautiful sketch by artist and CARA Welfare Philippines member, Puja Madiath “Kaiser was not a rescue dog but was a loving member of a family I know for many years. They were so heartbroken. When you talk to people who have had dogs in their family who have passed, the most heartbreaking thing for […]

My four-legged angel Sheero
Posted on Thu January 2012 by Gail Villanueva

I was really heartbroken when Sheero passed away. That was the first time I was ever really close to a particular pet — we had a lot of dogs, but no one was really very close to me until Sheero. She was smart, and gave me “presents” of small animals she caught during my birthday […]