Pets on Rainbow Bridge House Rules

In order for everyone in Pets on Rainbow Bridge have a pleasant experience, please read these House Rules before anything else. Take note… Repeated violations of the House Rules could result to being permanently banned from this site.

Comments and Chatroom Messages

  1. You must be responsible for your comments and messages. Pets on Rainbow Bridge reserves the right to automatically remove without notice comments/messages that are defamatory in nature.
  2. No text-speak please. D0 n0T r4yt D1s w4Y.
  3. Do not use our site to advertise your products. Any post that is considered advertising for one’s self-interest will be edited or removed.
  4. Users are not permitted to post any kind of affiliate program link with referrer Ids.
  5. Pets on Rainbow Bridge is family-friendly. We have young users who use this site. Vulgar language is not allowed. Inappropriate language may be removed without question and user will receive a warning.
  6. Offensive, rude, discriminatory, defamatory, or inappropriate material unsafe for younger users will not be tolerated.
  7. Trolling is not allowed. Do not post provocative, outrageous, or pointless messages just to elicit a response from other users.
  8. If it is very obvious to us that a user has no intention of positively contributing to the discussions combined with an abrasive and combative attitude, Pets on Rainbow Bridge reserves the right to ban this user. Remember, our site is all about helping each other get through the painful experience of losing a pet. We cannot (and will never) tolerate those who just want to cause trouble and further pain to our bereaved users.
  9. Absolutely no flaming. No personal attacks, name-calling or insults between users will be tolerated. Violators will automatically be on probation and potentially be banned from the site.
  10. If you have a complaint, send it directly to our site author/admin by using the form on the Contact page so appropriate actions can be taken. However, we reserve the right to ban flagrant offenders when deemed necessary, with or without prior warning.
  11. Remember that Facebook requires you to provide correct information in your account, including your name. Since we use the Facebook Comments plugin for the site, comments made through this plugin are governed by Facebook’s privacy policies and usage rules.
  12. We allow anonymous commenting in the Articles section of the website. You may or may not provide us your real information. However, please note that your IP Adress is automatically logged by our system.
  13. Anonymous comments in the Articles section are still governed by the House Rules concerning inappropriate language, trolling, flaming and all others that can negatively affect the experience of other users. You are free to express your opinion, but remember that we reserve the right to remove offending comments with or without prior warning.
  14. On the Pet Memorials section, please note that anonymous commenting is not allowed. You will need to log on to your Facebook account in order to leave a message on the Tribute Wall. We believe this is necessary in order to protect the bereaved pet owner from trolling, flaming, or otherwise harmful messages that may hinder recovery from grief. Please note that being reported to Facebook for account abuse may get you banned and your account deactivated.

Submitting a Pet Memorial

  1. Please submit only photos of your pet. Do not submit those that are not yours.
  2. You may include poetry, short prose, or quotations to your Pet Tribute. However, if the literary work is not yours, you MUST provide the appropriate credit to the author. Copyrighted material will automatically be edited or removed upon the request of the original author and/or we deem it a copyright violation.
  3. If you feel a Pet Memorial has violated your copyright, please send an email to our site admin using the form in the Contact page for immediate investigation and action.
  4. Please note that we have limited resources.Should there be there be the need to remove Pet Memorials to accommodate our server limit, we will definitely ask you first and give you ample time to reply. We will not remove a Pet Memorial without informing you, except in cases of copyright violations where Pets on Rainbow Bridge will automatically un-publish the Pet Memorial in question.

Contributing to Pets on Rainbow Bridge

  1. By submitting an article, poetry, prose, art or illustration, you hereby guarantee that you are the rightful author or artist of the literary or art work. This means, you MUST be the one who wrote the article/poetry/prose or created the art/illustration. Plagiarism will not be tolerated, and please be reminded that you will be held accountable for your actions. So, to be safe, make sure that whatever you submit to us is YOUR original work!
  2. Article writers must include proper link citation should you need to refer to another post/article of another website.
  3. Please follow the proper use of capitalization in your articles, and double-check your work for grammar and spelling. make sure that u do not write dis way.
  4. Article writers must not use Pets on Rainbow Bridge for their self-interest and advertise their products or services in the articles. We are open to product/service reviews and features, but please make sure that the article you come up with is fair, balanced, and will be beneficial to our readers. Reviews and product/service features are also subject to approval by the site admin to ensure that they will not violate any product/service exclusivity clause (if any) in existing advertiser contracts.

Privacy Statement

  1. Any personal information you provide us will be kept with utmost confidentiality. We will never sell nor share your information to third parties nor our advertisers. This info will be kept as secure as possible.
  2. Our direct banner advertisements are simple banner graphics and do not make use of scripts and definitely do not make use of cookies.
  3. We do not have control over the scripts of Google ads and the ads inclusive to the free services we are using. The privacy policy of these external sites will apply.
  4. For our site statistics, we use Google Analytics. Please refer to Google’s privacy policy with regards to this script. Rest assured, personal information such as your email will not be tracked as this is submitted to our system alone.
  5. Facebook Comments on the site is governed by the rules and regulations set by Facebook. We do not have control over this.
  6. Pets on Rainbow Bridge contains external links. We will not be responsible for the privacy policies and practices nor content of these websites.
  7. The articles, comments, messages and other content contributed, written, or created by our writers/artists are solely the opinion of the writer/artist. These do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Pets on Rainbow Bridge.